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HVAC Repair and the Black Hole: Diagnosing Poor System Performance

Posted by Tim Collins on Oct 6, 2014 8:00:00 AM

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Ever been in the black hole of HVAC service calls: you've checked x, and y, and z...and still a call back?? Let us help you out of that dark, creepy place! 

First, using a vacuum gauge during HVAC troubleshooting helps you to avoid the 4 common pitfalls of poor HVAC performance, which are: 

  1. Half charged systems, 
  2. Over charged systems,
  3. System not clean and free of contaminants, and
  4. System is not leak free.

How do you use a vacuum gauge to tell the status of your system and detect leaks and moisture?

These blog posts will help you get HVAC repair right the 1st time:

Your customer satisfaction will explode, because you are the one who can fix their system. Bye bye blackhole. 


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Topics: HVAC, Vacuum Pump Repair